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Prevention & Community Based Organisations (CBO's)

Prevention programmes are provided to families with children in order to strengthen and build their capacity and self-reliance, to address problems that may or are bound to occur in the family environment which, if not attended to, may lead to statutory intervention.   

Early intervention programmes are provided to families where there are children identified as being vulnerable or at risk of harm or of removal to alternative care.  Early intervention programmes target certain individuals and interpersonal contexts (families) where there are indications of risk.


Many of the services provided in prevention and early intervention programmes are similar to the types of services that would be provided in other categories in the continuum of care, such as rehabilitation and reintegration (e.g. therapeutic counselling). However, the emphasis in this strategy is on programmes and services that will help to prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation and the removal of children into alternative care.

Preventive and early interventions include:

  • Universal prevention that target the general public or a whole population group that has not been identified on the basis of individual risk.

  • Selective prevention targets individuals or a subgroup of the population whose risk is significantly higher than average.

  • Indicated/ focused early interventions target high-risk individuals who are identified as having minimal but detectable signs or symptoms of social problems, (early intervention)[2].

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