Child & Youth Care Centres (CYCC's) (old "Children's Homes")

The Children's Act defines a Child and Youth Care Centre as "a facility that provides residential care to more than six children outside of the child's family environment in accordance with a residential programme suited for the children in the facility".  This new definition encompases a range of facilities that in the past were registered separartely from children's homes to schools of industry. Each centre should provide specialist programmes.  

(These facilities are NOT CYCC's: Partial Care, Drop in Centres, Boarding Schools, School Hostels, Prisons.)

WCSCF Coordinators

Chair Person                  : Wilma Piek

Director                          : Janice King             

Coordinator/Supervisor  :Glenda Kayster

Assistant Coordinator     : (post currently empty)

Postal Address:

7 Malleson Road, Mowbray, 7700 Cape Town

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