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Designated Child Protection Organisations

According to the Children's Act, a Designated Social Worker, from a Designated Child Protection Organisation (such as those below) or a police officer, are the only ones who can 'remove' a child from the street (or anywhere else, in fact). 


So, if you find a child on the street, and think they are in need of care and protection, please report them to the nearest Child Protection Organisation.  Even better, fill in any details you know about them on a FORM 22 and hand in with your report.  Take note of the Social Workers name who takes the case. Then follow up to ensure that the Social Worker has taken action to help the child.  They should do so within 48 hours.


If it is After-Hours, then report the child to this number ...



                       082 227 0478

                                                                    (it may not be as effective though!)


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