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Banking Details If You Would Help On A Regular Basis

The WCSCF runs on a tight sustainable budget and every donation is carefully accounted for in our audited financial statements, as well as directly to the donor as required.  Currently we are funded by The Provincial Department of Social Development Western Cape.   Membership fees also help,  but we do still rely on public support from businesses and members of the public via once off, or even monthly donations. Please help us to keep children off the street and in care and protection by donating directly into our bank account. 

Our bank account details are:



Account Name: WCSCF

Bank: Standard Bank (South Africa)

Account Number:   070914273

B/Code:    020909  (Thibault Square)

Standard Bank’s SWIFT address is SBZAZAJJ.


Please let us know of your donation for accountability purposes, and as so we can acknowledge and thank you properly by forwarding your details and proof of payment to:


Janice Sparg

WCSCF Coordinator


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