A network of organisations working in partnership to create an equipped, coordinated, integrated and collaborative sector for children living, working or begging on the street.

Begging keeps children out of school, encourages substance abuse and makes children vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and abuse.

Begging offers children no hope and no future.

The Western Cape has a comprehensive set of statutory services for children in need of care and protection.

WCSCF Coordinators

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Chair Person                  : Christopher De Beyer    chrisdebeyer@me.com

Vice Chair                      : Cindee Bruyns               cindee.bruyns@uct.ac.za

Director                          : Janice King                    wcstreetchild@gmail.com

Supervisor                      : Gaye Moonieya             wcscf.supervisor@gmail.com

Assistant Coordinator    : Jennifer Claasen            wcscfassistant2@gmail.com

Address:  Cape Town

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